Our Mission


P.S.McHugh's vision is to be a successful business synonymous with a sustainable build environment, restoring, repairing and regenerating existing buildings and creating new ones to the highest standards.


P.S.McHugh’s mission is to enhance the built environment for the benefit of the community and for our customers , contractors and employees, by building the best of the new, and restoring , repairing and renewing the best of the old. We will promote sustainable building and working practices at every opportunity blending traditional crafts and modern building techniques , using quality materials sourced locally where possible. The same traditional skills will be endeared to young people through practical programmes of quality and qualified training through the relevant Industry bodies.

Our Values



  • In our Pricing
  • In any Advice
  • In dealings with all Customers, Clients and Staff
  • With Contractors and sub Contractors


  • Proud of our work
  • Uncompromising in quality
  • Proud to work for P.S.McHugh


  • Happy Clients
  • Happy Employees
  • Happy Sub Contractors


  • For each other
  • For our clients
  • For the environment
  • For the local community
  • For our work


  • To make decisions
  • To admit fault
  • To speak out on health and safety

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